Friday, November 28, 2008


long time no c. doin busy with project. everybody does right. u can do it man.
These are the last memories of working with college friends. appreciate it

really pro dude

There is light and hope infront, walk towards with your damn gutts

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adobe CS4 launching

went to Adobe CS4 official launching at Shang-ri-la Hotel. met Ms. Teng, Nurul, Yarshi, Clifford ?Clifferd? Cliffert? Cliffat ? Iceman, WCH Agustine.
went there to taste shang-ri-la coffie & tea n leaved, itulah wongsifu

So, CS4 is really cool, cuz its Cool Stuffs 4.
Ini dia, Photoshop CS4 dealling with 3D model. can hide parts n c inside n paint it. after that can switch into AE and do some animation, no rigging ofcourse..

another cool stuff which is switching from premere to AE or AE to premere, no rendering is needed, just the original AE or premere file. then, can directly do output burning in Adobe Encore CS4. no rendering for whole production.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

DIY dolly

yay..... done it, damn hard. I thought its simple, watch those diy video, its like kid's job. but when i start doing it, omg, drilling holes is tiring, the driller freakin heavy. problems came out, panic. oh no oh shit oh my god. cannot afford failure, else need to find the wood board n the L angles again.
thx dad for being my mentol