Saturday, April 18, 2009


me n 4 friends hiked Tabur Mountain, we started hiking from 5am, with torchlight in hand. It was very syok, 1st time ma. There is 5 mountains together( 5 fingers), we just stoped at the 2nd n went back, cuz start from the 3rd mountain really need to CLIMB. almost an hour hiking till 2nd mountain

here is the end of 2nd mountain, the starting of 3rd mountain

may b will challenge till the 5th mountain next time ? next next next time ?

Friday, April 3, 2009


I went to KL Design Week Exhibition in Cap Square. There are more exhibitions at other places like National Art Gallery, KLCC n so on, but some of them need to pay.

Me n Mr.Sum is KL man n dono KL road, ya, looser. the other 2 frens from sekinchan(Chung Hua) n Melaka( Jor, driver). We borrow a GPS from a fren, K'One brand. My god it was like kena stroke, really slow responded and lag.

contemporary Art Jewelry, really expansive.

chair design

!! I saw some works from UTAR, n this 1 looks farmiliar.....

where is KTAR 1 !!!

interactive design