Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Salvation Mountain

This Salvation Mountain was being featured in the film "Into the Wild". I was being curious bout it, n having no mood to work since X'mas, lost camera, now new year, so i serfed through google, youtube bout this devine mountain.
It was built by old mighty Leonard Knight. He really believed in Love, loved by God.

He said," It was the mighty God built it. "
more than 100,000 gallons of paint for this holly mountain. Who would have not praise him, an old man, his vision. his believing.

2009, may it be my salvation, and everyone's. Have some faith.
Happy New Year ;- )

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey, its movies

Came through this 2 movies lately, it was the poster caught my attention at first, as u see....(its just a kissing scene, nothing more) but then i found that it was a great movie, talking bout relationships, how Adam( the boy from The O.C !) matured communication deal with problems of the people he met(basically women, cuz the title is that) while he was running away from his love life, and also, Kristen Stewart is beautiful. So, quickly, I serf through the net, n know that she is the actress of the " Twilight", n quickly also, I downloaded it. But Twilight did actually bored me.

And then, another great movie I've found, "Into The Wild", with Kristen Stewart also, playing a role in a small part of the movie. But frankly its a nice movie. Lots of poems and meaningful phrases mentioned in there.

talk bout movie now....not quite in the right moment ya.. but deadline got posponed, kinda...cheer every1 up. Anyway, movies enlighten us. movies gooooood man.