Saturday, February 28, 2009


cant get a job... what to do, stay at home trying to build portfolio
attempted to make this mecha, wanna learn rigging but freaking hard

eat crap tonight at Dek Fuuk, crab

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking Back

Looking back, is not a quite good thing to do for people like me who always pushing myself to move on. It will pull me back for doing that. But it is kind of sentimental to look back sometimes.

It was my internship in KRU, a year ago already, time flies, the old words.

Maya Karin interview for Duyong

me n Fish painting green screen

Anita Sarawak MV shooting

Voice over recording for cicakman 2

1 of the senior worked for kru at that time.

his serious job

serious working

arsenal n yew hui purposelessly found cicakman costume, n purposelessly wear it, in the midnight

pics provided by arsenal

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jason Mraz

Everyday is hardly to be a lovely day, they are rare words to be said, "such a lovely day". But once in a while, we can try to turn something bad, annoying, or what ever u call it that comes around u, into something beautiful, into inspirations. And i'm sure it's such a lovely day.
like Jason Mraz did

I begin to like his music, except "I'm yours"

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The hotel we stay.

Don be mistaken with my face, I'm not LC at all

start with the water village, they stay on the water for their whole life. So there are everything available on the water. like this, Church

basketball court.

School, n so on.

A temple, built for the people died in the internal war.

their culture is similar to Thai. even though they deny it, saying Thai is copycat.

The place where the king clean his body. 净身池。 freaking huge.

France build the ladders after a france guy fall down n died.

This was unbelievably a place to cure sickness. The pool was full of herbs n the ancient people bath in it.

climbed up to small angkor wat to watch sunset

My new post

finally got up to blog again. Lets introduce a homegrown band, Estrella. Their music is catastrophically nice to hear, am i too over? using right word? may b cuz I didn't really listen much to local band music. Now i'm like enthusiasm in surporting local music, genuinely.

And Cambodia trip coming up...

I'm seriously looking good with my alpha holding up. I miss it so much.