Monday, November 23, 2009

The life has started

wau..... since when i didn't come back to my blog. Been too busy in working... everyday back home already 9 or 10, after dinner, online for a while than go to bed on 12, and I have to work on this Sunday too. Although this is not the kind of life I'm looking for, not for anybody else for sure, but it has to be started like this, to have a very firm foundation and base, so that I can jump higher in the future. Am I comforting myself? hmmm..................
我也不想重重忙忙庸庸碌 碌活过一辈子,我只是想活得更好一点。我不抱怨现在的生活,我只相信它能让我走得更远。

The Europe trip post stucked here for quite some time... don't really have the passion to continue now. Everytime posting them up here, looking at the pictures always makes me smile, and the smile always activated my brain cells to flash back the beautiful, fun, awesome moments. I am trying not to look back too much cuz looking back too much will make me weak, harder to move on..... XD

Anyway........ life moved on