Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feel the summer's Sun

Its getting hot here in UK, body easily get sweated while walking outside.

Kinda pressure lately, cuz argh....... quite hard to push myself to work on assignments here, can't really get into the workind mode. Sometimes go out buy stock, sometimes Dota. Now can really spend a day time pretty easily.

Wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee+apple/banana, freeze a while infront of laptop, look at the sky, sunny day. wek wek wek. Do some research on project, lunch time ! piece of pizza, milk, enjoying it while watching pp stream. wek wek wek, go out buy stock with friends. 5pm, wek wek wek untill 7pm, dinner. And than in the night realize have not done much on assignment.
crap, freaked out, mumbling, gonna work it out tomorrow, gonna work it out tomorrow X10.

Well........ 1 of the task is a project called "The Beat Goes On". It's an event held in Liverpool muzeum which is about exploring the musical identity of Liverpool city.

What I know is just The Beatles, The Beatles, and The Beatles, but its fine, not an issue for the project.
This is also the only thing I'm interested in, a club called Cream, with House music style.

Our tutor Mr.Ian finds that the way the information being held out is not good, and we have to think another way that is more engaging to the visitors.
We have to create a web site, interactive Kiosks, mobile phone contents, video trailer, poster.

There are quite a lot of stuffs have to do really. push me pls.

Photos taken while lunch break.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death, King of Pop

Tragic death of our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Its a totally catastrpoh to his fans, who have been waiting for his up coming concert. And now he had left the world, at the age of 50.
Send my true respect and admiration to his soul of music here, farewell Michael, great impact you brought to the world. Thank You.


So lets check out my very own made meals

its beef bought from Tesco, already have sauce in it, 6 piece for 5 pound. Added some cheese to the egg, smells good, the tarts r tastelsss, added some sugar and cheese, good.

BBQ chicken

宫宝鸡,I bought a pack of chopped chicken for around 3 pound, i think can tahan for plenty of meals, and than bought some ready made paste from China Town, and this is Gong Bou paste. Not Bad.

Enjoying cooking now, great self satisfaction while biting it, with a can of beer......syok
But still I really miss my mom's cooking, I miss roti, teh ais, I really do !!

Thursday, June 18, 2009




在英国3个礼拜了,刚刚两个礼拜像是在度假,但是时间过得像两个月,可能是想家,还是想kepong的弟兄们,每个礼拜喝茶一次,谈谈国家大事(真的),现在三个礼拜没喝了,很想念roti planta 及teh ais。

顺便跟大家说说,在第一个礼拜,有个白痴housemate(脸有察粉的小白脸,干)不知怎么用microwave owen的,竟然把它给炸了(我夸张了),是还能用,可是又很重的焦味。现在兄弟们都很肚烂,肚子烂得要命,在他的食物动了很多手脚。想起来又觉得他有点可怜。接下来三个月应该会很难过。可是我想也该到此为止了吧,也该净化成更好的人了,不然的话三个月下来我的脸会越来越左边。




Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yet another day in UK

This is Liverpool Cathedral, its majestic.

And there is a cemetery beside the cathedral.

Today 14, June. Sunday. Its a boring day, no where to go.
go to flickr or facebook for some portraits like the fellow above

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Day in UK

1 week and 3 days past, feel like a month here, why.
School is miles away from hostel, transport fee 2.8 pound a day, too heavy, NO, Tak Boleh.
Need solutions........

Up next, Liverpool Cathedral

I miss mom's cooking. miss kepong gang

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Albert's Dock

Took a walk at the Albert's Dock, it is another great place to walk around in Liverpool

There are plenty of statues and stone tablets of people who sacrificed in second world war.

sien lor......... start assignments....... holiday mood turned off

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 2

Here is what going on 2nd day. We walk around the city, get stuffed up. 16 of us has split into groups since we staying in different flat units, n each group goes out on their own and take good care of themselves.

We visited Tesco and bought back some food. Pizza, bread, biscuits. Fast food, unpack, put into oven cooker, tiiiiing........... eat. Each piece of pizza is 0.99p, =RM5.xx , split to 4.

At night, me n Kelfred went out to check out the night life in Liverpool. It was freezing !! The cold wind just eating into bones! but gonna get used to it soon.

Yeah, its the night clubsssss. Lots of clubs around the city, LOTS.

And the hot Liverpool girls, they are much different from Malaysian clubbers, they wear costumes !! I didn't take much photo there, and this blur pic is disappointing ya.

more Liverpool sharing soon. stick around