Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project H1N1

Yay....... done it, my final project in LJMU, H1N1.

UK people have been not taking it seriously according to my observation..... so i decided to use it as my project's idea. Its HOROR, Not Movie ! UK ! OK !

Again like b4, a bit of the making

I know the real flu virus doesn't look like this..... just to make viewers feel... bad

anti virus, anti babi

and a website, not showing it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Glory

Chong Hua shot it with his 500D, fuh !!

and lets rewind back the Bon Jovi glory, my favorite song

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bon Jovi in Liverpool

Last week for our summer course in Liverpool. We are being hardworking to get our project done, yet trying to enjoy the life, as much as we can.

plenty of beers, we had, we enjoyed. we ain't gonna live forever

21th August, went to a club, Cavern Club to see Bon Jovi, that's right, the real BON JOVI, 10 pounds for the ticket. We were so close to him

He was there, rocking for 2 hours ! unbelievable.... but sadly the amp fires are not good enough to hear his voice clearly

One thing i have to say is that, there were really not much people there..... I thought the place will be extremely crowded, jamming, but, this is the place

Liverpool people are....... xxxxxxxxxxxx. Friend said, they are not promoting this show, but Bon Jovi is coming and locals have no idea? no way. What's in their head is just Liverpool music and Lady Gaga. But thanks to them, we get so close to him.

ROCK !!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That's Us

Yo i'm here to promote a video edited by Chong Hua

I really love this piece, one has to have this kind of video in his/her life.

For our journey ! cheers !!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black Pool

For 4 days we walk Scotland, but we rent the cars for a week. So we went to Black Pool in the weekend. It's a place full of fun fares....

This is the kind of game that Mr. Chong Hua addicted to.

they bought a kite from Glasgow for 4 pounds, and it has just suited Black Pool's trip

Joshua captured this fellow from the fun fare....

It is also a place full of shops selling this kind of stuffs

It's really a sad thing that Chong Hua is not going to Europe trip with us. Struggling for quite sometime, thinking, keep thinking of joining or not joining the trip, eventually, the answer is NO.
He bought the kite, some say is to crash plane in the air, some say is to make wishes.

He is going to leave us and take plane back to home country, hoping there is no kite in the air.

Good Luck, 一路上小心,迎着风的男孩


Monday, August 10, 2009

Scotland, End

This is a great pass through from Loch Ness to Glasgow, the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen in my life, and this is the view that I most desired to see before coming to Scotland, and now I've seen it, captured it, satisfied.

We stopped by again to capture this superb incredibly marvelous landscape into our cameras. Maybe I sound exaggerated, but that was the way i felt, so as everyone else.

A few cool looking bikers passed by

And than we were escorted by the bikers.... XD

This is the kind of view in Mild Seven advertisement, or Salem perhaps.

Finally we reached Glasgow at night, rested, and took a short walk in the city next morning. Ya, Glasgow is a big city like KL.

Journey ends.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scotland, Lochness

After the extremely tiring day in Edinburgh, rested a night, we took off to Lochness, where the legendary Lochness Lake creature Nessy located.
Again, some nice scenery along the way.

We stopped by the road to let the drivers rest for a while, or change drivers.
That's the good thing of driving on a trip by ourselves, we can stop where ever we want, go where ever we wish to go.

The 2nd time we stopped by. I felt a sleep that time and my friend, the driver Mr.Melvin, yelled me up, asking me to look out,"look ! there is a bridge !", and than we quickly stop by the road and, take pictures.

After 3 an a half hours of driving we reached Lochness, Urquhart Castle. This is the only castle we enter for the whole Scotland trip, cuz we thought that this is more worth to check out, the ticket is 7 pounds. When we reached there we were so late that we left half an hour to visit the castle, so in the half an hour, we ran from 1 spot to another, tiring....

The view really, amazed me.