Monday, March 15, 2010

Pisang Fall

Went to Pisang Fall near Gombak highway with Sum, his bro and sis, and Henry. Quite a nice place to relax at the water fall, but the journey is a bit torturing to me. I was keeping looking at the ground along the way, to keep out leeches...... There were damn lot of leeches, luckily I was able to Defeat them before they climb up to don't know which part of my body and start sucking my blood.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Chapter 2010

Hi all
I'm proudly announcing I'm graduated. The one and only Convocation after 5 years of studying, once and for all. That's right, Yeah ! Haaaaappyyyyyyyy~~~~~~~

*this photo dono steal from who

Happy, yeah. But some other feelings are more over whelming than happiness. We all will be meeting up again, correct, but things will not be the same like before, not everyday, not every week, not every month, and not even every year,  for some of you, I guess.

ahh.....These thoughts are really hard to express man...

*Thanks for my buddy Chung Hua, Yeah !

Enough of tears. 
Lets share this nice music video of a band, OK GO, trust me this is incredible. 20 engineers, 30 crews worked on this spot. 60 takes, as you can see this is a 1 shoot take. After each take, 30 crews will resemble the sets, for about 1 hour. And they had been planning and setting for few months. Cool ?