Saturday, January 17, 2009

已经如煙, 我不要告别

曾经是爱我的和我深爱的 都围绕在我身边
带不走的那些遗憾和眷恋 就化成最後一滴眼泪
有没有那麽一种永远 永远不改变

All that love and beloved surrounded me
Loves and cares that cant' be carried away formed to the last drop of tear
Time is theft, stealing everything away
Is there a forever, forever still
Beauty that I hug will never break to pieces
Is there a tear can wash regrets away

I don't want to say goodbye, I don't want to let u see my crying face.
I failed to hold my tears, goodbye is the last word.
AMLers, I love you all, I really do.

(eh? still got report to do leh, c u all on Tuesday ?
Iwill hold my tears this time)


s3n said...

jibiek make me feel sad 2..but haven cry yet la..nex time come out together la..

DyLan321 said...

huUu.. keep in touch guys!!
yup! make some gathering lo..
take care!

DG said...

yeah, u all r cool fellows !

tricky said...

yo all my do cry a bit in cry a lot in my bath room..we juz still we..there ain't any edge for our relationship..til we in grey..til the end of our life..

DG said...

forever friend, beachboys

s3n said...

ur beach is bitch or wat

DG said...


s3n said...

yeah!! tats u baby sun of the beach damn hot!!