Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking Back

Looking back, is not a quite good thing to do for people like me who always pushing myself to move on. It will pull me back for doing that. But it is kind of sentimental to look back sometimes.

It was my internship in KRU, a year ago already, time flies, the old words.

Maya Karin interview for Duyong

me n Fish painting green screen

Anita Sarawak MV shooting

Voice over recording for cicakman 2

1 of the senior worked for kru at that time.

his serious job

serious working

arsenal n yew hui purposelessly found cicakman costume, n purposelessly wear it, in the midnight

pics provided by arsenal


s3n said...

wat purposely , said me like thief jiang, u are oso wan de ma. wtf

DG said...

cicak thief