Friday, April 3, 2009


I went to KL Design Week Exhibition in Cap Square. There are more exhibitions at other places like National Art Gallery, KLCC n so on, but some of them need to pay.

Me n Mr.Sum is KL man n dono KL road, ya, looser. the other 2 frens from sekinchan(Chung Hua) n Melaka( Jor, driver). We borrow a GPS from a fren, K'One brand. My god it was like kena stroke, really slow responded and lag.

contemporary Art Jewelry, really expansive.

chair design

!! I saw some works from UTAR, n this 1 looks farmiliar.....

where is KTAR 1 !!!

interactive design


Richard said...

Cool man!! I like tat touchscreen! R u able to do tat?

DG said...

tak boleh la, me no scripter