Saturday, May 30, 2009

The arrival to U.K

In UK for 2 days now, everyone just suits themselves quite well with the time gap. But not really comfort with the 4 hours of night time per day. Around 10.30 pm only turn dark and 4am already bright like, very bright??

Let me regroup.......
On the plane, reading 九把刀-后青春期的诗。with a cup of Baley's :-D

arrival at Abu Dhabi's airport.

outside Manchester Airport

on the way to Liverpool

Walking to the city center, its all about walking in Liverpool....

The LJMU Library

very classic building structure. the whole city is full of this kind of building.

This is the center of the city, loads of people walking, sitting, enjoying the summer's sun

Still ok with the life here, lots of hot chicks walking around on the street. But, Liverpool people's slang and accent, are superb hard to understand, completely different with Top Gear 3 dudes.
And Seagulls are every where, can hear their sound often, quite fascinating for me

That's all for the 1st day. C u soon

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Dragon said...

so nice d pic and the building , c u all so happy veli jealous , hope u will always update ur blog to let us know ur anything in Liverpool.take care