Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 2

Here is what going on 2nd day. We walk around the city, get stuffed up. 16 of us has split into groups since we staying in different flat units, n each group goes out on their own and take good care of themselves.

We visited Tesco and bought back some food. Pizza, bread, biscuits. Fast food, unpack, put into oven cooker, tiiiiing........... eat. Each piece of pizza is 0.99p, =RM5.xx , split to 4.

At night, me n Kelfred went out to check out the night life in Liverpool. It was freezing !! The cold wind just eating into bones! but gonna get used to it soon.

Yeah, its the night clubsssss. Lots of clubs around the city, LOTS.

And the hot Liverpool girls, they are much different from Malaysian clubbers, they wear costumes !! I didn't take much photo there, and this blur pic is disappointing ya.

more Liverpool sharing soon. stick around

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藍空 said...

wah, y juz kelferd have take pic only, hope to c more sexy gal pic XD