Friday, July 10, 2009

Beat Goes On

Weather turns cold recently, windy. H1N1 going frenzy, what's going on out there.

Finished the 1st and the last of group assignment, not excited, not relieved, cuz the beats just go on, new wave coming. There is no end in this world, by Doctor Manhattan(Watchman).
An End is just another Beginning.
We made a video for our assignment, its not crucial for the project but we paid a lot of effort to it, probably too much,yet the result is noob. But that's what we interested in, rather than kiosk, podcast, mobile.... don't really wanna give a damn, but we still give a damn.

Borrow a camera, do some shooting outside. The weather that day really challenged our temper. But still manage to shoot some footage.

I do what I like , I like what I do. (please rap this phrase)

this is the finale of working a school project together with friends, from now on just eat ourselves.


€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

nice!! i like the video!! post more of these!!! ^^

DG said...

haha thx.

Gladys jing said...


DG said...

还好啦 哈哈, 谢啦

浪涯 said...