Sunday, September 21, 2008


Enjoyed the lunch at Jogoya(not Jagoya, thx to GLADYS公主 for correcting my mistake !) located in Starhill. various kind of food and drinks and deserts. overall good la for me. The environment, the mood is spectacular. Again we r not allowed to take photos, but still manage to take a few shots

lazy correct the watermark...

This thing surprised me. the dono what kind of paper wrapping the soup, boiling upon fire. 纸包不住火 = wrong

and then we took a walk in Starhill and pass through this fancy hotel entrance

and a sozai pose

photos by Darren
full spec

cun girls....but err lots of chicks there :-)


♥GLADYS公主♥ said...



♥GLADYS公主♥ said...

Sorry! I am not sure whether u can understand chinese.

I mean I did't go there for such a long time. Jogoya looks great in your photos. ^^

DG said...

ai yaa haha...paiseh