Monday, September 8, 2008

MIFC finale

Left this photos for so long, this is the MIFC Putrajaya Finale
Really crowded that night cuz no rain. But no wind to blow the smoke away.

Mun suddenly found this superb view superb to shoot, we all shoot

The convention center

This thursday final exam. What will be going on after that, dono yet.
work? I wanted to. But need to do preparation for final year project. Ya, really need full preparation for pre production. Now not yet got an idea how to get a camera, this is the big problem here.
Camera - No
Tools(trolly in out, extreme high angles, lighting etc) - No
Shooting spot - Yes
Cast - Yes
Techniques - Half
Props - No
Cews - may be need help

n many more.


YeeLeng said...

Nice! Lol at 2nd pic.. I didn't get to shoot fireworks! Must wait till next year...

€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

walao!!!! super nice ler!!!!