Sunday, September 28, 2008

Melaka trip

we went Melaka town center after lunch for a walk. taking photos, enjoying the freaggin hot weather, and the tourism spots.

like fish ball

then we swallow down the cendol melaka

so after that we went back to A'famosa resort check in, settle down, had a swim there and head up to Melaka town again. Took dono how long to find the Protugis village and had our seafood dinner there(didn't take photo cuz every1 was like hungry ghost), then we went to Jonker Street

This pub caught my attention, old building, lots of people there, enjoying the drinks and 60-70'an songs sing by the singer

I found out that Melaka chics are quite good in dressing up themselves

around 12.30 we went back to hotel and swallow the Johny Walker we brought.

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