Thursday, October 1, 2009

The End, and Beginning+Europe.01

Yup, I am officially not to be called as student no more. Back from U.K, back to earth, down to grown, reality !!

3 months of studying in Liverpool, 2 weeks conquest of Europe, totally about 4 months. It is not long, but feel like have been went through a decade in life time. Youth life ends here, things came and gone, memories are the only thing left. Friends, that's the hardest one to be left. Once a Goodbye is wished, when, when we gonna say Hello again?

ok, Lets see some photos
the last 2nd day before we leave Liverpool, we cooked and invited our lecturers to have lunch together.

I took A photo of the beers we had . These are not all, just partial ;-)

And lets start the Europe trip. The 1st place was Belgium, just stopped at a chocolate factory, try some chocolate and sit on the coach again to the next destination.

Volendam, our next stop. This place is about the wooden shoes, called xxxx, i forgot the name, and also the traditional windmill.

And this is our 1st campsite looks like.

Fuh !! happy

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