Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Move On

Will start working when November comes, ya..... finally got a job, with freaking low pay ! but at least i can c some potential of myself growing in this production house, at least a kick start ! just hope that it's not a bad one.

This is Vatican City, we didn't manage to get in to the building cuz they were doing some praying or what ritual inside. It was damn hot and everyone was queuing up.

we just took some pictures and walk to the next spot.

Colosseum ! it is really huge, majestic. and again we did not go in cuz it costs 17 euro for entry.

We did not follow the tour guide, so we missed few places, at the end we decided not to miss the wishing fountain, 5-6 of us quickly rushed there before dark.

throw a coin, make a wish. 1 day, we will be back, 1 day

we waited for the dark falls, we really glad that we came, it was so damn beautiful when the lights on.

wishing boat ?

hansom guys giving free hugs !! but no girls ! why !

check out my flickr to see all the pictures

Pizza Tower next. So........ let the glamorous slavery life starts

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