Thursday, October 8, 2009


Around 1 week passed since back from UK, still jobless, since free so i made this video. I don't have much video, since Chong Hua was not with us in Europe trip.... so i just put in photos. Have a look~

so lets continue.....

this is the square center of Venice. large space, with some nice musicians playing music, while the tourist having meals, damn nice.

this is erm....sorry forgot what name

Lace is Venice's famous production

The famous tourists' activity in Venice, Gondola, which is the nice little boat taking u around Venice, we did not take the ride cuz its a bit pricey, and we feel the the best time for the ride is evening, where lights around Venice are lighten up, we did not stay till that time, so we missed the Gondola....

There are some beautiful church in Venice. really nice interior

and beautiful souvenirs ~

tata..... Venice

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