Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black Pool

For 4 days we walk Scotland, but we rent the cars for a week. So we went to Black Pool in the weekend. It's a place full of fun fares....

This is the kind of game that Mr. Chong Hua addicted to.

they bought a kite from Glasgow for 4 pounds, and it has just suited Black Pool's trip

Joshua captured this fellow from the fun fare....

It is also a place full of shops selling this kind of stuffs

It's really a sad thing that Chong Hua is not going to Europe trip with us. Struggling for quite sometime, thinking, keep thinking of joining or not joining the trip, eventually, the answer is NO.
He bought the kite, some say is to crash plane in the air, some say is to make wishes.

He is going to leave us and take plane back to home country, hoping there is no kite in the air.

Good Luck, 一路上小心,迎着风的男孩


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