Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scotland, Lochness

After the extremely tiring day in Edinburgh, rested a night, we took off to Lochness, where the legendary Lochness Lake creature Nessy located.
Again, some nice scenery along the way.

We stopped by the road to let the drivers rest for a while, or change drivers.
That's the good thing of driving on a trip by ourselves, we can stop where ever we want, go where ever we wish to go.

The 2nd time we stopped by. I felt a sleep that time and my friend, the driver Mr.Melvin, yelled me up, asking me to look out,"look ! there is a bridge !", and than we quickly stop by the road and, take pictures.

After 3 an a half hours of driving we reached Lochness, Urquhart Castle. This is the only castle we enter for the whole Scotland trip, cuz we thought that this is more worth to check out, the ticket is 7 pounds. When we reached there we were so late that we left half an hour to visit the castle, so in the half an hour, we ran from 1 spot to another, tiring....

The view really, amazed me.

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