Friday, August 21, 2009

Bon Jovi in Liverpool

Last week for our summer course in Liverpool. We are being hardworking to get our project done, yet trying to enjoy the life, as much as we can.

plenty of beers, we had, we enjoyed. we ain't gonna live forever

21th August, went to a club, Cavern Club to see Bon Jovi, that's right, the real BON JOVI, 10 pounds for the ticket. We were so close to him

He was there, rocking for 2 hours ! unbelievable.... but sadly the amp fires are not good enough to hear his voice clearly

One thing i have to say is that, there were really not much people there..... I thought the place will be extremely crowded, jamming, but, this is the place

Liverpool people are....... xxxxxxxxxxxx. Friend said, they are not promoting this show, but Bon Jovi is coming and locals have no idea? no way. What's in their head is just Liverpool music and Lady Gaga. But thanks to them, we get so close to him.

ROCK !!!

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