Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project H1N1

Yay....... done it, my final project in LJMU, H1N1.

UK people have been not taking it seriously according to my observation..... so i decided to use it as my project's idea. Its HOROR, Not Movie ! UK ! OK !

Again like b4, a bit of the making

I know the real flu virus doesn't look like this..... just to make viewers feel... bad

anti virus, anti babi

and a website, not showing it.


Mr.Ed said...

Omg u've done a great job.. @_@
what you study actually..?
broadcasting or film as well..?

DG said...

Multimedia Design, but I have more interest into film making :-)

s3n said...
btw nice video
love it
do more work & dun hamsap

Bluewind said...

hey, nice work...everyone need to be solo in the final? how you guys recently?

Gladys jing said...

a bit like movie trailer...XD
but nice also, Kim's costume make me think about one shooting game's character...haha